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Buy your dad a battery extender, I guess

Buy your dad a battery extender, I guess

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Sorry, I didn't put a lot of thought into this. But nobody likes running out of phone battery, right? Even dads, I bet. So maybe get him a power bank.

Wish I could be more helpful, but dads are a real enigma to me. I mean, I know some dads. And I’ve also helped take care of children, and been a child of a dad, and know moms who are married to dads. But What Is it Like to Be a Dad?

What I do know is that running out of battery seriously sucks, and it’s no fun. My dad has a ton of batteries for his drills, and every time I sit around watching him do a project on the house and think to myself, "Man, I bet he’s going to run out of battery." But he always surprises me with the fact that he’s had another battery on the charger the whole time. Power banks are kind of like that.

A lot of people at the office like Anker products, for the good price / quality ratio. Here's a good battery pack for charging your phone a bunch of times. You could bring it on a fun weekend getaway trip to the cabin to spend quality dad time with your dad, for instance. Because we all know your dad would really just love to see you and talk to you more often, but nobody wants a dead phone after all that growing and learning:

Or if your dad is just forgetful sometimes and needs a bit of an extra boost to get through a day sitting patiently by the phone waiting for you to call so he can say "Do you want me to put your mom on the phone?" there's this "lipstick-sized" charger from Anker as well:

Depending on where you live, if you order right now you could maybe get one of these delivered by tomorrow. Or just go to Best Buy and cross your fingers.

Whenever I buy or recommend something for my parents I usually check Wirecutter, so if it breaks or is hard to use I can blame Wirecutter. Battery pack-wise Wirecutter is favoring the AmazonBasics, EasyAcc, and TravelCard models right now — none of those quality options are available at Best Buy, if you catch my drift.

What you can get at Best Buy is a Mophie case. Mophie is kind of the "Kleenex" of phone battery cases, so at least you can trust them. But I don't really recommend getting a case for anyone but yourself — a Mophie adds considerable bulk and heft to a phone, so it's a deeply personal decision for your dad to make.

Maybe ask him what he'd like!

Please offer any other suggestions in the comments if you know a dad, love a dad, or have read about dads and what they like.