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This motorized standing desk is actually a gaming PC

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Furniture is cool, sure, but I've always thought its timeless nature was a problem. Sure, you might have a gorgeous classic Eames chair, but how can you improve on that and demonstrate to visitors that you're on the cutting edge? When things can't go obsolete, can they really be said to progress? Enter this desk from classy Taiwanese PC case maker Lian Li, which acts as the housing for an entire gaming PC and has a transparent surface so you can show off those SLIed 1080s in all their glory.

The DK-04X is a fully adjustable motorized standing desk, so you can improve your posture while slaughtering demons in Doom. It also has its own liquid cooling system that you can hook up to your motherboard. It also costs $1,499, which is a lot for a PC case but might not seem too crazy when you consider that some standing desks without liquid cooling systems — the horror! — go for more than twice the price.

Lian Li has just started shipping the DK-04X, so start thinking about remodelling your office right now.

Lian Li DK-04X photos