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Check out this frameless gaming keyboard

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Just how serious are you about having a stylish keyboard? Because Roccat may have the answer. It's introducing a new keyboard for gamers called the Suora. It uses fully mechanical keys for better feedback, feel, and responsiveness — Suora is promising a 1 millisecond response time for key presses.

That's all pretty great, but it's also relatively standard for gaming keyboards. The real selling point of the Suora is its "frameless" design — meaning the keys go right up to the edge of the keyboard, so that there's nearly no border around them. It's a pretty cool look and, along with the raised keys, creates a nice chunky silhouette.

roccat Suora keyboard-news-roccat

The keyboard will be go on sale in July for $99.99

Update June 6th, 10:17AM ET: This story has been updated to include pricing for the Suora.