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Put your phone in a drone. What could go wrong?

Put your phone in a drone. What could go wrong?

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It makes a lot of sense to use your smartphone as the brain for other types of electronics — virtual reality viewers like the Gear VR are a perfect example. What may make a bit less sense is using your smartphone to control a drone. Not as a remote; I mean as the actual brains for the drone.

But that's the idea the smartphone manufacturer Mito seems to be considering. Mobilescout spotted leaked renders of a Mito-made drone that would operate by placing Mito's smartphone at the center of it. The phone would be used to take photos and presumably to handle control and connectivity with someone back on the ground. It's not clear how that person would actually operate the drone, given that their phone is in the air.

Hope you're a good pilot

So on one hand, this is an interesting idea because it lets Mito make a much cheaper drone, since it doesn't have to build in a lot of expensive tech. On the other hand, you'd better be REALLY sure you aren't going to crash this thing. Otherwise you're out a phone and a drone.

Even if Mito launches this product, it may not find overwhelming success. Someone tried the same idea last year on Kickstarter, and it didn't quite work out. The project received half of the funding it was looking for, ultimately failing with just over $120,000.