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Now you can preorder a BBC Micro Bit for £13

Now you can preorder a BBC Micro Bit for £13

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There are a lot of tiny little computers. The BBC, who makes a fine Sherlock product I watch on Netflix from time to time, has also made a tiny little computer. It's called the BBC Micro Bit, and it was foisted on a million unsuspecting children in the UK who apparently needed to brush up on their STEM.

What's weird is the Micro Bit is actually kind of cool. It's got lights, an accelerometer and compass, and a couple of buttons. It also can be programmed with an iOS or Android app over Bluetooth, so that's special. It's in kind of a class of its own — neither an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi.

Oh, and you can preorder one. For a while now BBC has been working to deliver on its original promise of free Micro Bits for young people, but apparently it's finally caught up with its self-prescribed demand. To get one of your own it's £13 (about $18.76 in real US dollars), and it should ship in July. Finally, valuable hands-on learning about programming and electronics is no longer being greedily hoarded by adorable children!