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This company wants to put some bass on your wrist

This company wants to put some bass on your wrist


The Basslet is here

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Do you crave bass? Do you need to feel like you're at Coachella at all times? Do you like to "DJ"? Is your name Chris Ziegler? Well The Basslet is here to satisfy your body-rattling desires. Maybe. It could be bullshit, who really knows with Kickstarter gadgets. But according to Lofelt, the company behind The Basslet, says it's a wrist-worn device is a wearable subwoofer that delivers bass straight into your body without having to blast your music.

Lofelt claims The Basslet will last about six hours on a single charge and works in concert with an adapter called a "sender" that plugs in between your headphones and any device with a headphone jack, which means you'll need to carry around another dongle. (It probably won't work with the new iPhone unless you want to double up on dongles.) In the land of niche gadgets this seems especially targeted at audiophiles, but if you need to feel the bass, you can back The Basslet on Kickstarter for about $112, with the first shipments expected to go out in December.

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