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The Klifit connected backpack comes with RFID chips so you never forget your keys again

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This year has already yielded a backpack for gadget nerds and a connected backpack with a cute badge. Now we’re getting another idea for a backpack, and this one sells itself on the idea that nothing you need will ever be left at home again — not your keys, exam paper, laptop, or charging cable. That is, unless you forget to clip an RFID chip to those items. The Klifit backpack comes with multiple chips that you can stick to whatever you need to have with you every day, and then the backpack’s companion Android and iOS app will check to ensure they’re inside the bag and let you know if they're not through Bluetooth push notifications. Oh, and it also claims to somehow know what items you need for specific events throughout the day and will remind you to bring those items with you.

Klifit doesn’t really explain how the backpack knows that items are inside the bag, but it does provide this diagram. Please interpret it.


The Klifit also comes with a "Spectrum Unlock System" that allows you to strap the bag down to a chair so someone can’t steal it while you’re up getting coffee and then use a color combination to unlock it.

The bag starts at $155 and has a goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter, which seems absolutely wild to me. I don’t see how that will be enough to manufacture this bag and ship it to all its backers, but I also don’t want to squash anyone’s backpack dreams, so keep dreamin’, y’all! Just maybe be aware that this might never actually show up at your door.