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KFC's brand strategy is luring me in with gadgets

KFC's brand strategy is luring me in with gadgets

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There are two rules for eating fried chicken. Rule one: do not touch anything while eating fried chicken. Rule two: use those dang wet wipes! They're there for a reason. So KFC, a company that should know those two rules well, is now saying phooey to them and encouraging its customers to play with their electronics while eating fried chicken. Grease nooooo. Hot on the heels of its photo printer chicken bucket and keyboard tray, KFC is launching its "Watt a Box" in India, which is a box of chicken with a power bank built into it. You can charge your phone while you eat. Grease noooo.

The box comes complete with a USB port and power button. Apparently the power bank barely charges a phone, though. BGR found that an iPhone 5S only gained 17 percent more battery life after 30 minutes of charging. What did you expect? It’s a box. For chicken.


I’m not much of a fried chicken fan. I’ll eat it, but I prefer to get existential and sad over shawarma at my neighborhood spot. KFC’s tempting me, though, if only so I can memorialize my visit with a chicken bucket-printed photo while charging my phone through a box. Just seriously, use those wet wipes if you’re going to touch your phone screen.