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Waves Audio wants to bring 3D sound to your crappy headphones

Waves Nx

Waves Audio wants to turn your crappy headphones into fancy 3D audio machines, and it says it can do it with an app and a tiny Bluetooth head tracker. Waves Nx is the technology behind the 3D audio magic, and the company says it can deliver 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound through any stereo headphones, even if the content wasn't originally mixed for surround sound.

The Nx head tracker clips onto your headphones — which means this will likely only work with over-the-ear headphones — and the company says it will track your movement and adjust the sound accordingly. Waves Audio says the head tracker and the in-app adjustments allows Waves Nx to provide full sound output to both ears and create a "realistic sound environment" for the listener.

Waves Nx is currently on Kickstarter, and you can back the product for as low as $59 and receive the app and head tracker as well (the products will retail for $99 once they are officially released). If Waves Nx can really make a cheap pair of headphones provide a 3D audio experience, it could be great. But as with just about all Kickstarters, it's a gamble until you can actually test it out.