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When you're testing out a keyboard at Best Buy, what do you type?

When you're testing out a keyboard at Best Buy, what do you type?

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You know what I'm talking about. You see a laptop at Best Buy, and you think to yourself, "Hey, that's a laptop, I know about those." BUT. You gotta test it out first, to be sure about the quality. Laptop keyboards can be surprisingly terrible. Just astonishingly terrible. So you must type something. And you don't really want to think too hard about content just now, because you're trying to think about what your fingers are feeling, not about what you want to say.

Here's my go-to phrase: hello my name is paul

Also sometimes I type hey hey hey, or the occasional tasteful wuhhhhhhh

I asked some of the other editors at The Verge about their own Best Buy habits, here's what they said. I'm posting them in the order I received them, so as to not show favoritism.

Dan Seifert: Testing the keyboard.

James Vincent: hello my name is james vincent nice to meet you

Andrew Marino: hi my name is andrew

Sean O'Kane says, "I used to do something like that but now i do like, free-writing." Cool Sean, very creative.

Adi Robertson: the sky outside the port was the color of television

Michael Moore: the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Alix Diaconis: hey whats up

Russell Brandom also does stream of consciousness.

Colin Lecher: i am testing this keyboard

Ashley Carman: yo wutup laptop

Nilay Patel: nilay patel is the best

Vlad Savov: where is my money, bitch

In the same spirit of fairness, I'm not going to make any comments on my colleagues' chosen phrases. Obviously this is a personal, private thing. Also, obviously, Adi's Neuromancer quote is the best and the rest of us should be ashamed. And Vlad would like to clarify that he's quoting Breaking Bad, not just being horrible.

So, what's yours?