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Converse put a wah pedal in a pair of Chuck Taylors

Converse put a wah pedal in a pair of Chuck Taylors


Because why not

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Three years ago, the design agency Critical Mass created a prototype of a high-top Converse Chuck Taylor with a built-in wah pedal called the . Now, in partnership with CuteCircuit, Converse has brought the shoe to life, and giving a pair to legendary guitarist J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. among others to use on stage.

The All Wah works like a traditional wah pedal does, and can be connected to an amp and guitar using the dual plugs on the side of the shoes. It also connects to the wah box for the wah effect via Bluetooth, which will be interesting when Bluetooth does as Bluetooth does (see: messes up at the worst times) during a concert. There is only 23 pairs of the highly limited shoe, and Converse hasn't said how much it will cost or when it will go on sale.

Unless you're a famous artist, the chances of you getting your hands on an All Wah is slim, but the chances of Converse turning an experiment into an official shoe was slim as well, so you never know.