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Circuit Breaker

The front of this speaker looks like a shower drain

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Princeton Audio

The Site:1 wireless speaker from Wisconsin-based Princeton Audio wants to be an alternative to plastic speakers, so it relies on wood. It comes in four different types of wood, actually: mahogany, black walnut, maple, and black cherry. Design is the big selling point for the Site:1, which, sure, it does look different than the average speaker, but it also reminds me of things I see around the house. Like a shower drain:

Princeton Audio appears to recognize this resemblance because its marketing material includes a photo where the speaker is in a bathroom, near a sink, in what seems like a direct nod to the Site:1’s shower drain feel.

Princeton Audio

The Site:1 also reminds me of a cheese grater:

Or even a skimmer spoon thing:

Again, Princeton Audio appears to understand its product’s resemblance to various kitchen utensils because it placed the speaker in a kitchen for its marketing material. It’s directly next to the food, as if it helped prepare it.

Princeton Audio

Have you ever wanted to own an ambiguous speaker that can fit into most any room in your house and trick your guests? The Site:1 is listed for $459.99 online.