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Circuit Breaker

BioLite's releasing a 'pizza dome,' so you can bake a pizza and charge your phone from the wilderness

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Who says you can’t have pizza while you camp? Who says preparing that camper pizza has to be hard? BioLite, the maker of the BaseCamp and BaseLantern, is now making all your camping pizza dreams come true with the public launch of its PizzaDome. The dome sits on top of the BaseCamp heating and electricity system and involves a ceramic pizza stone and built-in thermometer.

I think what’s most commendable about PizzaDome isn’t the modern technology that lets you cook a pizza and charge your phone at the same time in a forest, but that the dome is a Kickstarter success story. How rare. BioLite offered PizzaDome as a stretch goal in 2014 and shipped backers the first batch earlier this year. Wowee BioLite, you’re making Kickstarter look goooood. PizzaDome costs $69.95 and is available on BioLite's website now.