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A connected hearing aid is an Internet of Things device I can get behind

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When I get a pitch about a new gadget, my first reaction is typically skepticism coupled with severe doubt that the product actually does what it promises. My skepticism is amplified even further when that gadget is considered an Internet of Things device. Now, with that in mind, today I received news of the Oticon Opn hearing aid, which its manufacturer Oticon bills as the "world’s first Internet of Things hearing aid."

The device connects to a user's smartphone and can be controlled through Oticon’s companion app. Because it's compatible with IFTTT, the app can push through notifications when a smart lock is unlocked, a smart doorbell rings, or a smart smoke alarm goes off. It's a simple addition to a decades-old product, but for once, connecting a device to the internet actually improves its functions. So I say, yes, good use for Internet of Things. Good job, world.