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This van has the sickest sound system of all time

This van has the sickest sound system of all time


It also looks very illegal

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NYPD 110th Precinct

Car audio is almost never very good. It's usually too loud in one corner, too quiet in another. The bass is weak or uncomfortably rumbly, the treble is clipped or doesn't exist.

Enter Nelson Hidalgo, an inventive man from Queens who seems to have solved the problem of poor car audio once and for all.

According to amNewYork, Hidalgo is alleged to have installed around 80 speakers into his van to make a truly insane portable sound system. The visual is awe-inspiring in its absurdity. How do all of those speakers fit in that van? How do those doors even close? In what world could a human possibly need 80 speakers? Can Hidalgo still hear? My ears are ringing just looking at that thing.

And the amps! Oh my God, the amps you would need to power all of this. "I spent over twenty grand on this equipment," Hidalgo is reported to have said.

Impressive as this may be, I can think of very few reasons for why you would ever want or need a speaker system like this. Acceptable uses might include:

  • DJing a block party
  • Impressing your prom date
  • Simultaneously Rickrolling every resident of a small town

Hidalgo supposedly went with the first option. Except he apparently threw the block party himself. And no one wanted him to be there.

According to amNewYork, police say they arrested Hidalgo on Saturday about two blocks from Citi Field, where he was playing music so loud that someone from either the Mets or the Braves, who were playing at the time, was annoyed enough to call the cops. "I know it’s illegal, but it’s the weekend," Hidalgo is said to have told police.

He was arrested for, among other things, breaking noise laws and obstructing view out the rear of the van, according to the report.