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Google is testing out a storage manager for Chrome OS

Google is testing out a storage manager for Chrome OS


Gotta keep tabs on all those new Android apps

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Google continues to flesh out Chrome OS with new features. Last week, we saw the first Chromebook devices get access to Android apps and games, and this week, the company is experimenting with adding a storage manager to the latest developer update of the software.

The feature does exactly what you'd expect, showing Chromebook users the total capacity, free space, and space used on their devices, with the latter broken down into downloads and offline files. It's far from the most detailed storage manager, but it's better than nothing, and more easily accessible than an app (Chrome OS users' best option to check out their storage previously).

(Image credit: Francois Beaufort)

The Storage Manager is available in the latest developer version of Chrome OS. Users will need to enable its relevant flag (chrome://flags/#enable-storage-manager) and restart Chrome to access it. The feature will then appear under Chrome Settings > Storage. Hopefully Google's engineers will be adding more functionality in the future. A breakdown of storage use by app would be particularly useful — especially as more devices get access to the Play Store.