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This wetsuit promises to optimize your buoyancy for $900

This wetsuit promises to optimize your buoyancy for $900

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Roka Sports

Have you ever been swimming laps in a pool when suddenly you thought, I would pay almost $1,000 for the pleasure of a full-body outfit capable of making me slightly more buoyant and aerodynamic? No? Well then this wetsuit isn't for you, ya dummy!

This is the Maverick X, a wetsuit that sounds like the name of a superhero, a car, or a hacker in a Lifetime movie. The Maverick X was made by Roka Sports, a company that describes its product in (presumably) hushed tones as something will "liberate" swimmers and "revolutionize" the wetsuit. The Maverick X's main claim to fame is its design, which is meant to encourage, rather than restrict, the act of raising one's arms over one's head — something swimmers do often.

Here's the Maverick X, a wetsuit, being compared to da Vinci's Vitruvian Man:


While this all seems dramatic, as Gizmodo points out, there is evidence that certain swimsuits can give swimmers an edge, speed-wise. So if you're looking for a $900 neoprene edge, here it is.