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HP adds a touchscreen to its 11-inch Chromebook lineup

HP adds a touchscreen to its 11-inch Chromebook lineup


Just in time for Android apps on Chrome OS

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HP today announced the Chromebook 11 G5, the first of the company's Chrome OS laptops in the 11-inch range to include a touchscreen display. The new Chromebook starts at $189 and will go on sale through HP's channel partners in July. It will be more widely available in stores this October.

The base model of the Chromebook 11 G5 has a 11.6-inch screen with a sub-HD display (there will be an option for an HD IPS touchscreen panel with Gorilla Glass), weighs 2.51 pounds, and comes with a 1.6gHz Intel Celeron N3060 — a somewhat common processor for low- to mid-range Chromebooks. HP claims it will be powerful enough to handle video calls and playback, and that it "speeds through spreadsheets," which is the most amazingly modest goal I can imagine for a Chromebook. Of course that limited performance, coupled with Chrome OS's limited feature set, gives the Chromebook 11 G5 up to 11 solid hours of battery life, according to HP. "Speeds through spreadsheets"

It's especially cool that HP is adding a touchscreen to the low end of its Chromebook lineup because Google announced in May that it was bringing Android apps to Chrome OS. The company has begun slowly rolling out that integration as it prepares for a wider release this fall.