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Circuit Breaker

Do you love your children, or will you buy them this Belkin case for their Chromebooks?

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Look, kids break things sometimes. It’s a fact of life. Are you going to buy them sippy cups and trampoline nets and Nerf footballs forever? No way, you gotta let them explore their limits, experience danger, and maybe break that back-to-school 11-inch Chromebook you bought for them on sale at Walmart. You can replace a Chromebook, they’re like $200. A child’s self-esteem? Very expensive to replace.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad at Belkin. It’s an accessory manufacturer, it’s just doing its job. Chromebooks are pretty much the hottest thing in "computers people actually buy" these days, so of course Belkin wants to capitalize on the trend with a $59.99 military-grade Air Shield case that screams: "I don’t trust my child!"

This one’s on you, parents.

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