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How to test-drive Google’s Android VR platform with a simple painting app

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We have only a rough idea of how Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform will shape up. But if you own a Nexus 6P, the developer preview of Android N holds a nice Easter egg: a simple VR painting program. Google is treating the 6P (which isn’t officially compatible with the platform) as a development kit, and the painting tool is a sample project for would-be Daydream app creators. Even if you’re not a developer, the setup instructions aren’t hard to understand, if you're already comfortable running the developer preview on a phone. You just need a 6P, a Google Cardboard-style headset for it, and a second Android phone of any type to mimic the motion controller. If you don’t have those, you can wait for this fall or early next year, when almost every major Android manufacturer has promised us a Daydream-compatible phone — and its apps will probably work a lot better.