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Circuit Breaker

Kobo still exists and is releasing another e-reader

Who knew?

Kobo is preparing to release a pair of new e-readers, according to an FCC listing. The company's new e-reader is called the Aura One, according to Mobile Scout, and will come in 7.8-inch and 6-inch variations.

More shockingly, Kobo still exists and is still producing hardware. Who knew? I didn't, so I'm betting you didn't either. That seems like something Kobo should probably try and fix. Anyway, there are no specs available for the Aura One yet, besides a line in the listing noting that it'll come with 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n WiFi. And an announcement of a release date shouldn't be too far off, given that the FCC already had its time with the Aura One.

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