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    This RAM is lit

    This RAM is lit

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    For the vast majority of people, random-access memory is just a number on a spec sheet, and optimizing it is a simple matter of making it as big as one's budget would allow. But numbers aren't enough for everyone — some of us demand our memory sticks be dressed up in anodized aluminum and illuminated with the pulsating power of red and white LED lights. Enthusiast memory maker Corsair is happy to oblige the latter crowd, and its latest LED-lit RAM sticks are as polarizing as you might expect.


    Built around a 10-layer PCB for better signaling and featuring specially selected parts for better overclocking, the Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 RAM is designed to sit alongside Intel's latest generation of souped-up CPUs. Like a Lamborghini that communicates its internal speed with an aggressive exterior, this memory wants to not only be fast, but look fast too. Unlike a Lambo, however, you can actually afford to own Corsair's stuff, with the new Vengeance sticks ranging from $89.99 for a 16GB pair to $419.99 for a 64GB set of four.