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Circuit Breaker

These colorful squares supposedly let you track and call your kid

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A few former Nokia employees got together and created some new gadgets, including a wellness ring, sound-cancelling earplugs, and a GPS. Now, the team is working together to create a GPS tracker for kids. The Snowfox notifies parents of their kids' whereabouts while also letting them call their kids if they stray too far from a particular route. The device pairs with a companion iOS / Android app that lets parents set up a geo-fence, so they'll receive a notification when their kid enters a specific area.


Kids can’t make phone calls, although they can push a button that'll alert parents to give them a call. Kids also can’t turn Snowfox off, which its creators say is one of the device's perks, in addition to the fact that it won’t die for up to a week. I’m thinking that battery life really depends on how often you’re using the device. It’s only got a 820mAh battery that's rechargeable through a Micro USB.

Snowfox is on Indiegogo now and starts at $99.