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Bose made a Bluetooth speaker that kids can assemble

Bose made a Bluetooth speaker that kids can assemble

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Bose has released a new product called the Speaker Cube, a build-it-yourself Bluetooth speaker targeted at kids. It's the first product from the company's new kid-friendly category BOSEbuild, which will offer products that can be easily assembled to help promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube comes with step-by-step directions via a companion app (which is only available on iOS), and can be customized with colored lights and silhouette covers so kids can make it their own. The Speaker Cube is designed to help kids explore how electromagnets work and how speakers reproduce music, and potentially help foster an interest in science and engineering by allowing them to build a product they could actively use.

After the Speaker Cube is assembled, it can pair with any smartphone or tablet and stream music just like any other Bluetooth speaker on the market. For $149, the Speaker Cube definitely isn't the cheapest Bluetooth speaker, but it may be a great investment for kids interested in STEM subjects.