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Can charging hubs be stylish?

Can charging hubs be stylish?


One company thinks so

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Woodie Hub

Most charging hubs are the antithesis of style. They’re plastic, black, and usually relegated to a corner of the kitchen where no one will ever see them. An Italian company wants to change the fate of the poor charging hub with its new Woodie Hub. It's a place to charge devices that’s meant to be a more stylish alternative to what’s already on the market. The hubs come in wood, marble, or concrete. Do these make the hubs more en vogue? I'd argue yes, but who am I? I'm merely a gadget blogger, not a fashion editor. With that disclaimer, though, I will say that I infinitely prefer the Woodie over any of these, even with its unfortunate name.

The Woodie’s outlets fit four different types of plugs, including the US’s. It's also built for Qi wireless charging and has USB ports. Wireless charging only works if you have a special case. Of course, this costs extra. The Woodie Hub is on Kickstarter now with a concrete hub starting at $98.

The Woodie Hub wants charging hubs to be pretty