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Samsung might use a glowing ring to let you know when you have a text message

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Samsung’s Galaxy J2 will come with a new Smart Glow ring that tells users when they have a notification waiting to be addressed, SamMobile reports. That same ring will also be included in other upcoming devices. The ring surrounds the rear camera and acts in place of the blinking LED light Samsung uses on current Galaxy devices. At first, it’ll give three types of notifications: "priority alerts," "usage alerts," and "selfie assist," which helps users take a selfie with their rear camera.

The selfie assist glows blue when the rear camera detects a face and then takes a photo two seconds after that detection. Usage alerts provide notifications pertaining to storage and memory. Also, the Smart Glow’s light can change color depending on which contact is calling or texting.


SamMobile reports that Smart Glow will gain more functionality as devices are released. Soon, the notification system could include a weather ring and health ring, which will indicate the weather outside and a user’s heart rate. For now, the ring will only be available in India on the J2, but Samsung reportedly expects to include it on future devices, including the Galaxy S8 and future Tizen phones.