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Welcome to the future; we have noise-canceling USB-C headphones

Welcome to the future; we have noise-canceling USB-C headphones

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Hello and welcome. The year is 2017. You’ve missed a lot over the past few months. Let me catch you up: Apple nixed the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, so throw out those earbuds. You won’t be needing them anymore. Most other phone manufacturers decided not to follow Apple’s lead. Instead, they’re using USB-C. It’s great! Everything’s universal and reversible — except for everything Apple. Life is fabulous. Yeah we have some dongles, but it’s cool. Dongles are cool.

We’re getting used to Bluetooth headphones, Lightning headphones, and USB-C headphones. It’s a crazy new world out there. We’re glad you’re here. We’ve even got noise-canceling USB-C headphones. Conexant Systems introduced a single-chip active noise cancellation CODEC, CX20888, in June 2016, allowing this to happen. It can cancel with a depth of up to 30dB with a range of up to 3.8kHz. Because it’s a single chip, headphone makers can easily make USB-C noise-canceling earbuds that are decently affordable. It’s got voice control, too. What a time to be alive.

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