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Circuit Breaker

These are transparent directional glass speakers and they look amazing

The future is see-through

Turtle Beach sent out a press release saying it made a breakthrough, and glass-based speakers may be the future of your home audio. As strange as that may sound, the video is slightly more convincing. The speakers, which Turtle Beach is calling HyperSound Glass, are comprised of multiple layers of transparent materials and film allowing it to "generate a beam of ultrasound" according to the company.

Ultrasound beams are largely inaudible unless you're one of the targeted listeners, making the HyperSound Glass a highly directional and very thin speaker. Turtle Beach showed off the HyperSound Glass at E3 earlier this month, but says the speakers are still in the early prototype phase, which means it'll be some time before you'll be able to replace your Sonos with a sheet of glass — or better yet replace your windows with speakers. But it's looking like like we may end up with glass speakers in the not-too-distant future. Hopefully. I really want window speakers now.

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