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Samsung Pay enters Europe with launch in Spain

Samsung Pay enters Europe with launch in Spain

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Samsung Pay continues to expand with a launch today in Spain. This marks the first country in Europe that's able to use Samsung's mobile payments platform, following launches in the US, South Korea, and recently China. Samsung hasn't said where it intends to expand to next, but it's likely that other European countries will follow soon.

Samsung Pay has been relatively successful as a mobile payments system thanks to its ability to work with both NFC terminals and traditional magnetic terminals. But Android Authority notes that Samsung hasn't said anything about support for magnetic terminals in Spain, so it's possible — though unclear why — the feature won't be available there.

Apple and Samsung haven't gotten far with payments in Europe

At launch, Samsung Pay will be available on Galaxy S6 and S7 variants, with this year's Galaxy A5 being added soon.

Samsung is in many ways racing to keep up with Apple in the mobile payments space. It followed Apple into China, and is now coming in late to Europe. Neither system has gotten very far there, however. Apple is still only in the UK, though it's been there for almost a year now. With Apple's developer conference coming up this month, it's possible an expansion could be on the horizon.