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Get you a curved screen that does both

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That is, display text and charge your phone

TPV Technology Group

Taiwanese company TPV Technology Group wants you to never struggle to find a charging port near your computer again. Its new U Surfing curved screen — with a 21:9 aspect ratio — works like a regular monitor, but also comes with a wireless charger and speaker built into its base. The U Surfing's design looks lovely in these renders, but we should note that TPV Technology Group isn't a well-known company and hasn't yet provided the wireless charging specs, a price, or a release date. Who knows if this will ever be manufactured.

Still, I love this idea, and we've already seen it done before. I'm constantly fumbling around trying to find a charger nearby. Having one directly in front of me would make that whole process less aggravating, at least until we live in a world where low batteries are a thing of the past.

TPV Technology Group