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TiVo's Bolt DVR now lets you stream recordings away from home

With its most recent firmware update, TiVo's Bolt now lets users access and stream their recordings (and live programming) to iOS and Android devices when on the go. In addition, you can now transfer over recorded content to your smartphone or tablet, letting you stock up on movies and shows for the train commute or if you're taking a long trip somewhere. These are both features already offered by TiVo's Roamio boxes, so bringing them to the Bolt was a little overdue, with customers waiting on a "coming soon" promise for months. But a couple months ago, TiVo hinted that this update was near.

To transfer "premium" content from the Bolt to a mobile device, you'll need to be on your home's Wi-Fi network. Out-of-home streaming has its own set of obstacles and restrictions; you still can't stream over cellular data on iOS, which makes it less convenient, and some content still blocks TiVo from letting you watch it outside the house. That's another annoyance, but generally the feature works as promised — even if it's arriving on the Bolt fairly late. That's not to say TiVo hasn't been busy; the company will soon be under new ownership after a $1.1 billion acquisition by Rovi gets the final thumbs up.