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Let’s all huddle together for warmth and embrace our Lightning headphone future

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Cirrus Logic

You know the story by now. Apple is supposedly going to get rid of the headphone jack on its next iPhone and force users to either buy Bluetooth headphones or ones that plug into the Lightning port. There's going to be a big market for those Lightning headphones, and savvy manufacturers are going to need to start developing their designs, like, now. Today, Cirrus Logic announced a a MFi (Made for iPhone) development kit for Lightning headphones to show how great those future headphones will be and how they'll interact with iOS apps.

The earbuds play music and make phone calls, just like any other current design. The difference, however, and what Cirrus wanted to show, is how much flexibility headphone companies will have with their Lightning creations. The headphones will be able to sync with custom apps and allow for a personalized audio experience that isn't currently available in your average pair of earbuds. (We're seeing this trending now.)

Lightning headphones are already on the market, but Cirrus says they're going to get easier to make. Gather your loved ones around a table, take stock of your headphones, put them in the middle of the table, and throw them out. The future is now.

Cirrus Logic

High-end headphones for iPhone's lightning port