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The Roomba for your lawn might be called the ‘Terra’

The Roomba for your lawn might be called the ‘Terra’

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Roomba 980

iRobot makes the Roomba. It also makes a mopping robot, a bot to help clean gutters, and one to clean pools. Now, the company might be nearing the release of a lawn mowing robot called Terra, according to patent filings released earlier this month. The company wrote in its application that Terra would be used for "robotic lawnmowers; structural and replacement parts and fittings for robotic lawnmowers."

The FCC approved iRobot’s work on a lawn mowing robot last year. At the time, Reuters reported that the robot would operate through stakes in the ground that wirelessly connect to a mower and map out where it should cut. Doing it this way required a waiver from the FCC, which it granted despite objections from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. The observatory argued the mower's signal could interfere with telescopes, but the FCC said that it placed limitations that would ensure astronomers' work wasn't harmed.

iRobot hasn’t responded yet to a request for comment.