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A new chip can power four 4K displays over a single USB plug

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Lots of new technology aims to decrease screen time. But maybe you don't want to avoid screens. Maybe you love them. Their glow beckons to you, and you crave the ability to view images across multiple screens at once. DisplayLink's new DL-6950 chip lets users output to two 60P Ultra HD monitors over one USB connection. Those two screens can then be upped to four through a daisy chain. Four displays, woah. I imagine this will be cool for art and for watching live security footage.

The new chip adds to DisplayLink's previous work in making chips and USB connections ideal for displaying high-quality videos and images. The company created an adaptor nearly three years ago that allowed for 4K streaming over USB 2.0 and 3.0. But its new chip offers a more tempting alternative to plugging a screen directly into a graphics card.