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Burger King toy turned into tiny working Game Boy Nano

Burger King toy turned into tiny working Game Boy Nano


Made with a Raspberry Pi and a two-inch LCD screen

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Around the time of the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver, Burger King had the bright idea of giving out mini Game Boy Color toys to trick children into thinking they were having fun. These weren't working devices, of course, but collectible models of Nintendo's console fitted out with analog games. These may have disappointed a 10-year-old or two, but now, one enterprising modder has turned these tiny fake Game Boys into a reality.

Reddit user ChaseLambeth posted pictures of this working "Game Boy Color Nano" on Imgur, explaining that the mod was put together using a Raspberry Pi Zero, a two-inch LCD screen, and the RetroPie gaming emulator. ChaseLambeth didn't actually make the device, but purchased it from another modder they found on Instagramfor $250. (Confusingly, ChaseLambeth had been working on a similar project themselves, but apparently decided it was quicker just to buy the final product.) And while it's not the first time someone has created a Raspberry Pi-powered Game Boy, it definitely is one of the tiniest. Now excuse me while I go look at how much a Game Boy Micro costs on eBay.