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Be the coolest person in the airport with your personal, foldable laptop tray

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Barracuda raised more than $2 million through crowdfunding for its collapsible luggage, and now, the company is opening orders up to the public. There's already connected luggage that can be located remotely and charge devices on-the-go. Barracuda's bag includes these features, too. Its differentiating selling point is its foldable laptop tray, complete with cup holder. A cup holder! Barracuda makes it sound like bag owners could unfold this tray and not only use their laptop but also drink coffee. This seems to be not true, unless the owner has a tiny laptop. See the below photo as evidence:


See! A very casual coffee holder, perfect for letting you smartphone with one hand while your other hand rests.

The bag weighs around nine pounds when empty. Its built-in 10,000 mAh will reportedly charge a phone at least five times, but who cares because laptop tray.


The luggage costs $349 and comes in six different colors. What color do you like your laptop tray?