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Asus' Zenfone 3 might come with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 chip

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We know Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chip. It's in most new phones, including Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, after being released in February this year. Now Qualcomm appears to have created a variation of the powerful chip, the Snapdragon 821. It reaches a speed of 2.3GHz and will debut in Asus' Zenfone 3, GizmoChina reports. The 821's speed is 150MHz, or 7 percent, faster than the 820.

The modest spec bump fits into Qualcomm's usual process of upgrading its chips in six-month cycles and could be the first in a series of Snapdragon chip upgrades in the coming months. PhoneArena reports that LeEco's newest phones might come with the 823 chip and that the world might get a preview at MWC Shanghai later this month.