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Gamify your kid's dental hygiene with psychopathic cartoon bunnies

Gamify your kid's dental hygiene with psychopathic cartoon bunnies

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If I ever have children I plan to foster good dental hygiene by telling them that teeth grow constantly, and that theirs will eventually pierce their brain from inside their own heads unless they wear them down with daily brushing. Failing that, I'll probably just wait until I can buy some sort of overpriced, Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush that gamifies the whole experience using psychopathic cartoon rabbits. Oh, wait, that already exists.

rabbids are proto-minions who love saying BWAAAAH

This is the news that smart toothbrush makers Kolibree have teamed up with Ubisoft to create a new game to encourage teeth brushing based on the Rabbids franchise. If you haven't come across the Rabbids before, then all you need to know is that they're conceptually similar to the Minions. They're small, cute, and speak in a made up language that manages to be totally comprehensible without containing any actual words. Their catchphrase is BWAAAAH and they are reportedly known for their "fun-loving approach to life."

Kolibree's toothbrush (which we first saw all the way back in 2014) uses motion sensors in its handle to detect its position in your mouth. This allows it to function as a rough-and-ready game controller, with kids navigating their Rabbid avatar around an obstacle course on a game on their mobile by brushing different sections of their mouth. It actually sounds like a pretty good idea, if your kids hate brushing their teeth and love stupid and/or cute cartoons. Me? I'm going to stick with my future warnings about the dangers of dental hypertrophy. You can currently buy the Kolibree connected toothbrush and Rabbids game for €75 ($85).