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I know the Dato Duo synth is for kids, but wow it's pretty

I know the Dato Duo synth is for kids, but wow it's pretty


So maybe I can play with it, too?

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Kids like music. Some kids would probably like making music, too, but most instruments are designed for us dumb adults. Two Dutch dads aren't cool with this reality; they want their kids to be making electronic music! Those electronic music festivals aren't gonna play themselves, so they created the Dato Duo, a beautifully designed synthesizer for kids that two people can play simultaneously.

The Dato Duo comes with a pentatonic keyboard for playing notes that can then be looped. The synthesizer side of the Dato has two sliders that control its digital oscillators and filter-cutoff frequency. If you're wanting to integrate the little Dato into your adult music setup, it also pairs with external gear, like the Korg Volca, and has full-size MIDI ports.

It starts at $334 on Kickstarter. Who knows, maybe your kid will be the next child internet phenomena.

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