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The Blocks modular smartwatch can now be pre-ordered

The Blocks modular smartwatch can now be pre-ordered


You choose which four of six modules you want

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If you’ve been dreaming about owning a customizable smartwatch, the modular watch that London-based Blocks promised is now available — but just for pre-order. And nothing gives a pre-order announcement a little extra spice like a teaser video:

This watch, we we told you all about last fall, was originally expected to ship in May, but pre-orders will now ship in October barring any more delays.

The Blocks watch costs $330, and comes in onyx black, sunrise red, or marble white. That price includes four modules that you can swap in and out on your wristband, and you can choose which module you want from six available options: Extra Battery, Heart Rate, GPS, Adventure (a sensor that measures temperature, pressure, altitude, and humidity), Flashlight, and Programmable Button. Additional modules cost $35 each.

The idea of modular anything is a hot topic right now, especially Google’s Project Ara, which is also expected to ship with six slots for modules when it comes to consumers next year.