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The most stylish Windows phone in years launches in the US today

The most stylish Windows phone in years launches in the US today


Kickstarter brings this unusual phone to the world

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Microsoft hasn't had much luck convincing consumers to switch from Android or iOS to Windows Phone with its own Lumia devices, and it's now hoping third parties will make phones running Windows 10 Mobile and tempt people to switch. The NuAns Neo first debuted in Japan earlier this year, and it's rather unique for a Windows phone. The Neo has a chunky 11.3mm-thick frame with up to 64 different interchangeable snap-on covers that include materials like wood and ultrasuede. It even has a Snapdragon 617 processor, so you'll be able to use the Continuum feature of Windows 10 Mobile to turn this phone into a PC.

The Neo is arriving worldwide thanks to a Kickstarter campaign today. NuAns is aiming to raise $725,000, and an early bird price of $270 will secure a Neo and a choice of the two tone cover or a flip case. NuAns even claims that the Neo will let you make NFC payments. Microsoft revealed an update to its Wallet app for Windows 10 Mobile last week, but only the most recent Lumia devices are supported for tap-to-pay.


The Neo also includes a 5-inch 720p display, a 13-megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM, and a USB-C connector. NuAns has managed to squeeze in a rather large 3,350mAh battery, which should last around two days. We got an early look at the Neo last year, and it seems like one of the more original Windows Phone handsets thanks to its unique design. If you're interested in this customizable Windows Phone then you'll need to back the Kickstarter campaign to secure one. All models should start shipping worldwide in November.