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Das Keyboard is crowdfunding a cloud-connected mechanical keyboard

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Everything’s internet-connected, so why not your keyboard? Das Keyboard launched a Kickstarter yesterday for its 5Q, which it hopes will be the first cloud-connected keyboard on the market. What exactly does a cloud-connected keyboard do? It allows users to retrieve information online and color code their keyboard accordingly. Every key can be customized. So, for example, you can code your "L" key to turn purple when you have five minutes until a project is due, or your "R" to turn green when your mom texts you. Das Keyboard says anything "you want to keep an eye on" can be tracked through its companion app. The 5Q's app is how you set up reminders and custom colors, and keep tabs on what you’re tracking through your keyboard.

If you’re worried about information overload, or just don’t remember why a certain color is showing up, the keyboard has a built-in "Q" button, which lets you pull up your notifications. The keyboard’s also associated with an open API, and Das Keyboard wants developers to share their creations on its website. The 5Q starts at $139 on Kickstarter.