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That Eye-Fi card you could have bought a year ago is going to stop working on September 16th

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This week, Eye-Fi announced that it would be discontinuing services for its older Wi-Fi-connected SD cards. The X1 and X2 SD cards were designed to bring Wi-Fi connectivity to older cameras that lacked it, and worked with a mobile or desktop app for transferring images. Eye-Fi says it started phasing out the X2 cards in 2012 and ceased selling them in authorized channels in March, 2015. The company currently sells (and supports) the Mobi line of SD cards, which were launched in April, 2014.

Eye-Fi has an FAQ set up that details what exactly will happen when it shuts off services for the older cards in September, but the gist is that most services will stop working and none of the functions are guaranteed to continue to work. The company says that it will not be updating the apps that work with the older cards and platform OS updates may render them non-functioning entirely in the future. As a token to existing customers, Eye-Fi is offering 20 percent discounts on Mobi Pro cards through September 15th. The company says the technologies used by the older products (which were developed in 2007) are not as secure as current wireless technologies.

When Eye-Fi first launched, it provided a solution to easily get photos off of a camera for backup or sharing. At this point, many cameras have Wi-Fi built in, making Eye-Fi’s product less appealing than it was when it first launched. There are also USB and Lightning card readers available, which make it very easy to transfer images from your camera to your tablet or smartphone.