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Gadget Thirst Trap: A bouncy chair, a font-capturing device, and an adorable printer

Gadget Thirst Trap: A bouncy chair, a font-capturing device, and an adorable printer

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Hello, Gadget Thirst Trap fans. Welcome to this week’s edition. For those of you who navigated here by accident and are asking yourself what I’m talking about, Gadget Thirst Trap is a show I host every Friday on The Verge’s Snapchat and now I put it on the website, too. These are the gadgets this week that’ll make you thirsty for more.

First we have the Språng, which is an ergonomic chair that supposedly helps you lose weight. Its creator says it’s designed for people who sit all day but know it’s bad for them. To be honest, I don’t really care about its benefits and kind of don’t believe the chair does anything. I just think it looks fun to sit on and is very IKEA-esque. The Språng, pronounced like "strong," not like sprang, is available for $350 on Kickstarter. You can order it, or you can just stare at that gif all day. Up to you.

Alright, so my next two gadgets are proofs of concept. They aren’t for sale :( and likely won’t be. Still, though, these are two of the coolest things we wrote about this week and isn’t making your product unavailable the ultimate thirst trap?

First is the Spector, which captures fonts out in the world and lets a user put them directly into Adobe InDesign.


A grad student made the Spector so she could literally take inspiration from the world around her. It can replicate colors, too, by breaking them down into CMYK. Now, I’m not a designer, but I’m still way into this device. It could mayyyybe present an issue of copyright over fonts, or maybe it could lead to cooler designs and lots of creative inspiration from other people.

The other proof of concept this week is Paper, a cute printer / scanner / copier.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about another cute gadget prototype. This is making me think maybe, just maybe, the cute gadget renaissance is coming, or at least we’re approaching it. Paper shows that not all printers have to be ugly. We’re not doomed! Aw Paper and Spector, why can’t I have you?