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Samsung's new 4TB SSD is only $1,499

Samsung's new 4TB SSD is only $1,499

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Solid state drives have become a lot more accessible since I bought a 60GB Intel SSD four years ago just to install Windows 7 and a few games. Samsung’s 850 EVO Series is one of the most popular SSDs on Amazon, and you can get the 500GB version for what my puny Intel SSD cost when I first built my desktop — about $150.

Now, Samsung is introducing a 4TB version of its best-selling SSD, which should be enough storage for well, anything. The 4TB version is priced at a hefty $1,499, which breaks down to a more reasonable $0.37 per gigabyte. Compared to the smaller sizes, it’s slightly more expensive "pound-for-pound" than the $154.84 500GB option, which comes to $0.31 per gigabyte. The new 4TB version has already earned praise from AnandTech for performance improvements and its large capacity.

Samsung hopes to appeal to serious professionals like video editors and wealthy gamers with this high-capacity option, even though the read and write speeds on its 850 EVO SSDs are capped at 540MB/s and 520MB/s, respectively. For enterprise users, Samsung announced a 15.36TB SSD earlier this year, which it claims is the largest in the world.

The Samsung 850 EVO 4TB model is available on Amazon starting July 31st.