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These sketchy photos suggest the iPhone 7 Plus won't have a mute switch

These sketchy photos suggest the iPhone 7 Plus won't have a mute switch

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Have you come to terms yet with the strong indications that the next iPhone won't have a headphone jack? I hope so, because a new leak seems to suggest that another feature may be removed: the mute switch. has surfaced some alleged photos of the next Plus-sized iPhone to follow an earlier one of the smaller variant from yesterday and, well, take a look for yourself:

iphone 7 plus mute

You should be very skeptical about these pictures — the finish on the phone looks really rough, and accompanying shots of the smaller model don't quite match yesterday's image. Other leaks have depicted the next iPhone Plus with the mute switch intact, too. This would not be all that difficult to fake.

But it sure does look as if someone has made an iPhone-shaped object without a mute switch, and considering that Apple has almost entirely excised the hardware toggle from its iPad line, it's not inconceivable to think it might meet its demise on the same iPhone that gets rid of the headphone jack. (Which, by the way, these supposed leakers still inexplicably refuse to document.)

Another point of interest is that the back panel of the phone has what appears to be an iPad Pro-style three-pin Smart Connector for accessories, a feature that has pinged back and forth between "happening" and "not happening" in iPhone rumor circles. Maybe someone will make a little mute switch that works with it.