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Koski is like Lego with augmented reality, but more fun than that sounds

Koski is a building blocks game that combines Lego, magnets, and augmented reality in an engaging fashion that may eventually pull your kids away from Pokémon Go. The game — created by Václav Mlynář — uses wooden blocks, magnetic discs, and an iPad app to allow players to create digital worlds with features like trees, ladders, and waterfalls that characters can interact with.

The magnetic discs allow stable structures to be built, no matter how complex, which can lead to a more imaginative digital landscape once the Koski iPad app is activated. Augmented reality is already a big deal given the meteoric rise of Pokémon Go, but the way Koski combines physical toys with AR is a new and innovative take that may get kids interested in building things with their hands instead of exclusively using a phone or a tablet.

There is no indication on whether Koski will be released to the public, but hopefully some other companies take some "inspiration" from the design and implement it in other products moving forward.