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DJI and Hasselblad collaborate so you can fly tens of thousands of dollars around in the air

DJI and Hasselblad collaborate so you can fly tens of thousands of dollars around in the air

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Last November, market-leading drone manufacturer DJI bought a minority stake in famed medium format camera manufacturer Hasselblad. Today, the first fruits of that investment have arrived, with the announcement that DJI and Hasselblad are releasing a bundled version of DJI’s top of the line pro-level M600 hexacopter and Hasselblad’s A5D medium format camera (the aerial photography focused version of the Hasselblad H6D's predecessor, the H5D).

Together, the package deal has some impressive specifications. The DJI M600 features DJI’s A3 flight controller and Lightbridge 2 transmission system for live video broadcasting up to 1080p, with a carrying capacity of over 13 pounds. The bundled A5D-50c aerial camera, from Hasselblad’s recent return to aerial photography, offers a 50 megapixel CMOS sensor, and is designed specifically to take high-resolution aerial images for topographic and surveying work — seemingly a perfect fit for drone photography. The kit also includes an HC 3.5 / 50mm-II lens.

While DJI and Hasselblad have not yet announced a price or release date, the M600 drone and Ronin-MX gimbal together cost $6,198 without even factoring in the cost of a Hasselblad A5D-50c, making this bundle strictly a tool for professional aerial photographers, surveyors, or the extremely wealthy.

Additionally, Hasselblad and DJI have stated that the two companies are looking at additional collaborations in the future. While it’s unlikely that any Hasselblad products will directly end up in a consumer-level drone, it’s possible some of the lessons DJI and Hasselblad learn may help influence and advance the cheaper Phantom line.