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Circuit Breaker

This device will bring 3D sound to your headphones for $99

3D Sound One Module

A couple of weeks ago Circuit Breaker told you about Waves Audio and its Nx head tracker, which the company says can bring 3D audio to your standard headphones. Well the Waves Nx is still on Kickstarter, but if you want to give 3D audio a try now, 3D Sound Labs has created its own version of the clip-on tracker that you can purchase today.

3D Sound One Module

The $99 3D Sound One Module fastens to your over-the-ear headphones using a black rubber band and connects to your iPhone, iPad, or PC using Bluetooth. The company says the 3D Sound One Module comes with "9 axis motion sensors" to track your head movement, and will last 18 hours on a single charge. Music played through the One Player app — which supports every major audio format except for FLAC — will play back in surround sound, according to 3D Sound Labs.

Waves Audio is the established name brand when it comes to 3D audio, but the Waves Nx isn't expected to ship until September, so if you want to get the 3D audio experience now, the 3D Sound Module may be a good alternative. You can pick one up today for $99 from 3D Sound Labs' website.