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Zotac’s new GTX 1060 Mini is only 6.85 inches long so you can make bb computers

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Zotac unveiled its GeForce GTX 1060 series today, which includes two options for the 1060: a Mini version that's 6.85-inches long and an AMP Edition that's 8.27-inches long. The Mini comes with a 90mm fan that directly touches the GPU and an aluminum heatsink. The AMP comes with the company’s IceStorm thermal system, which includes two 90mm fans, 8mm copper heatpipes, and a copper cold plate. The two different sizes were made available because the 1060 itself is shorter than most other PCBs. At 6.85 inches, you're going to have a lot more flexibility when trying to build a small PC.

Nvidia only announced the 1060 last week, and at the time, senior editor Vlad Savov wrote that its shorter design left room for hardware partners to design their own cooling systems. We’re seeing that here with Zotac’s new options. Good job, Vlad, you saw this coming. This is also the second time I’ve written about Vlad’s thoughts in the last week. Success?